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Bosses Achivement


Crash Landing
Find the wrong place to stand during a Claw of Jormag fight.
+10 Arenanet points
Dispelling Shadows
Close the portals opened by the Shadow Behemoth in less than 20 seconds.
+10 Arenanet points
Cleanup Crew
Find and defeat the misplaced steam ogre in the Thaumanova Reactor.
+10 Arenanet points
Svanir's Bane
Foul the Sons of Svanir plans by destroying the shaman chief and his elemental.
+10 Arenanet points
Don't Feed the Beast
Prevent the great jungle wurm from eating any summoned husks.
+10 Arenanet points
Kill the Hydra Queen
Find and defeat the hydra queen.
+10 Arenanet points
Break 5 people out of crystal prisons created by the Shatterer.
+10 Arenanet points
That Had to Burn
Fire the megalaser at Tequatl the Sunless.
+10 Arenanet points

Crash Landing: O dragão tem de aterrar em cima de nós.

Dispelling Shadows: Destruir rapido os 3 portais.

Clean Up Crew: Achar Matrix Cube Key.

Svanirs Bane: Matar Svanir Shaman Chief.

Dont Feed the Beast: Matar a Great JUngle Wurm meta event sem que ela coma sumoned husks .

Kill the Hydra Queen: Fazer o meta event e matar a Admiral Taidha Covington.

Shattered: Destruir 5 prisoes de cristais

That Had to Burn: Disparar Mega Laser